6 strategies that Anahuac Mayab University has implemented during the COVID19 Crisis

May 4, 2020 3:54:12 PM / by Sala de Prensa

anahuac mayab university covid19

When a health alert was presented, the main authorities set the standard to follow in a global crisis such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, with a pandemic such as the one we face now in the world, requires the support of all sectors of society (state and municipal governments, companies, universities, and civilians).

Given the imminent arrival of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in Yucatan and in order to avoid possible contagions, we are not only following the protocol indicated by the Ministry of Health and the recommendations of the Government of the State of Yucatan, but have also undertaken the important task of guaranteeing the health and safety of our university community through various actions such as:

  1. Contingency Committee - Our University established a committee comprised by authorities and specialists in the health field to define, in a timely manner, the actions needed to be carried out, both in academic and health matters in order to make the best decisions for the Anahuac Mayab Community.
  2. Contingency protocol - This protocol, available to the public, provides necessary recommendations for the prevention of, or, if necessary, follow-up of suspected cases. The Contingency Protocol is applicable to the 8 campuses of the Anahuac University Network.
  3. Truthful and Timely Information - We know that information is power, and even more so during a pandemic. However, social networks have been flooded with fake news and have caused panic to many; in a time like this, it is important to breathe, stay calm and remember to validate sources of information. Anahuac Mayab University launched an exclusive landing page on the Coronavirus, available to our university community and the general public.
  4. Suspension of massive events - Whether on or off campus, the Anahuac Mayab University decided to suspend - indefinitely - events such as:
  • Academic and social events
  • Sports events
  • Conferences
  • Academic trips, national and international
  1. Educational Technology to teach online - Fortunately, new technologies provide numerous tools for studying or working from home. This allows us to stay in isolation to prevent infections, without stopping classes or evaluations. On our campus, online classes started on March 23 and continue to take place, with the use of virtual platforms such as @prende (Blackboard) or Google Suit. Through these platforms, we share a variety of digital tools for study or work from home purposes.
  2. Sanitization of spaces - Once the university community retired to their homes to study or work remotely, the University sanitized all spaces. From classrooms, offices, laboratories to common areas such as cafeterias, libraries, conference rooms and the Alejandro Gomory Aguilar Cultural Forum.

Every organization or company must seek necessary and applicable prevention steps, which are necessary to assist with quicker control over the pandemic.

Most importantly, each of us are aware and responsible for following the recommendations set forth by authorities. Health is ultimately the responsibility of the individual. So now you know, please stay home!

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